Thomas Joshua Cooper. Mopa

Last week when we where asked to go see the exhibition on Infinite Balance at MOPA.  The artist that displayed their work was listed for the Prix Pictect. Having you name in that list means that you are considered to be a leading photographer like Edward Burtynsky, and Thomas Cooper.  We were also asked to choose an artist from the gallery and replicated their style.

The photographer that most convinced me was Thomas Joshua Cooper since he uses black and white photography. They were landscape shots. That’s another reason why I liked him since I do panoramas to get the surroundings and landscape is how I shoot. Although he should his water images, I took it more of a earthy approach and snapped the fields down in Baja.

I try to emulate his contrast of the dark and the whites in his photographs, by exposing the white skies and the darker land.  I focus primarily on the land and less on the area, because I got a since that Cooper did the same in his water shots, he focus in the waves instead of the place he shot it. So this I’m my replication od his style.

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2 Responses to Thomas Joshua Cooper. Mopa

  1. jessiesmith says:

    I really love the last pano, so cool looking

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