Keegan Gibbs

Keegan Gibbs is an up and coming artist, who takes the risk of documenting graffiti while it happens. It is looked down upon because graffiti is still considered vandalizing. However he goes around shooting the night artist and shooting great videos as well as great pictures. He fallows artist up on buildings, rooftops, and billboards. His personal style is to shoot with a still camera because her likes the quality the he gets in his action shots. Here is one of his most known phases.

“The fear and adrenaline of getting caught, quickly replaced any fear
of heights I had”.

He started here in Los Angeles shooting some of his friend’s pieces. He joined the EE crew from LA, and the bond and this style of photography was born. He soon met his co-director Evan Romoff.

I like his style, which he describes of having no style. Yet I know he is going to make this big, because there is so few of this kind of art out there.

Video was shot with a Canon 5d mkii and edited with final cut pro.

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