Edward Burtysky

Edward Burtysky is a well-known photographer for his amazing landscape pictures. He most famous shots are does that demonstrate how we alter landscapes via quarries, scrap piles, main tailing. He did a series of shots in which he travels to china to take a pictures of the industrial growth, as well as witness one of the worlds largest engineering projects, the three gorges dam. He also uses large format field camera with amazing high resolution. He is also known for his aerial shots that are done in aircrafts, or on high platforms.

On the slideshow in class today we learn about the way industry harms and destroys the environment. Like the part were in Ontario the digging for precious metal and the release of the iron into the river makes it look like an orange river the flows from the mountains down.

Ad the movie showed how the people of china get to do the dirty work of all of us, we buy the latest and greatest and we send them the trash so they can work on it. For example the old monitors are broken done to get the reusable material, yet in the process they release bad gases that creep up on the locals and now has left them with no drinkable water. In other parts they also show where they have people looking through giant scrap piles to find the few reusable material all day long. If it wasn’t for them we would be so happy about our own garbage mountain growing in our backyards.

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