Annie Leibovitz view

Annie was raised from a family of 5. Every moment she can remember, her mom was documenting it, through a video camera. So what she remembers from her child hood was seeing the world through the frame of the car. When she grew of aged se decided to go to the San Francisco art institute for painting. She wanted to become an art teacher. However as she took classes there she thought to herself, that in order to teach art she would have to become an artist. It was until one day that they were studying the legendary American photographer Robert Frank that she decided to give photography a chance. Robert Frank is known for his ability to shot with a 35mm back in the day. So as her love for photography grew she decided to one-day summit some of her pictures to rolling stones, which later landed her the job in the 70s. What fuel Annie was that she really wanted to travel and photography allow her to do that. So shortly after she would hit the streets with the rolling stone artist.

What artist say abut her is that she really got to know them before a shot that is why her pictures have a sense of intimacy with the artist that she shot.  She was known for spending days worth the artist, until she became part of the gang.

Any artist of the 70’s can say that She was part of the stones, and did as they did. Rock and roll.

2 Responses to Annie Leibovitz view

  1. donovanolson says:

    Yeah I had no idea that the same person shot so many popular photos. The after effects on her photos are also pretty cool.

  2. Lance says:

    Love these images, I agree on the aspect that she gets to know these people so well that she begins to blend into their normal lifestyle. Good response.

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