Ethnobotany garden at CSUSM

Well sorry to keep you guys waiting this pictures were shot in the new ethnobonical garden in CSUSM. they were shot with a canon rebel ad a standard lens. The event was a ceremony and blessing of this new garden in CSUSM.

Our ceremony members.

To join us in our ceremony we had Mel Vernon, Luiseño storyteller Cathleen Chilcote Wallace also a member of the San Luis Rey Band, a swell as Mixtec elder Don Erasto Camacena whom is a herbalist and healer. The celebration consisted of a sacrifice of our food to mother nature to bring a blessing to our garden.

Mixtec elder Don Erasto Camacena

During the ceremony we were also joined by Bonnie Bade’s anthopology class, whom do the written documentary from our photo shoots. As well as plant the natives plant and participate in the ceremonies.

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