Tierra MIguel

Here are the promised pictures from Tierra Miguel, ill bring more information later today…

Tierra MIguel Lanscape

Okay, so i was shooting in Tierra Miguel and i decided to work with close ups and landscape shots to see what i like the most. Tierra Miguel is a biodegradable farm, where all the the vegetables or wild plants are completely organic. The Firsts shot is of the Tierra Miguel farm, where this photo shoot took place. the next couple of pictures are of Some wild plants growing around the farm. The following pictures are various items found in the farm, like crates from the little shop, spider web design as well as the fence along the roadside.

Limes not Lemons

* This picture is of one of the items sold in the small organic shop.

* These little guys caught my eyes, Just wanted to shoot it with some depth of field.

* This was a shot of an insect on the particular plant inside one of the greenhouse


Organic design

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